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                                                                                             Alan Sizmur

Ofsted Unique reference Numbers:                                                        Alison: EY275238

                                                                                                                    Alan: EY461875

Confirmation that ‘Co-Production’ has taken place with parents/carers/stakeholders: YES

Local Offer submitted by:

Name: Alison & Alan Sizmur

Date: 31/08/2014


1. How does the early years setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

First thing to remember here is all children are unique and develop in different ways. We will get to know your child extremely well during their time with us. The ‘all about me’ documentation that you complete gives us an insight into where you think your child is, what they like and so on. Within the first few weeks of your child attending our setting we undertake a baseline assessment to see what stage your child is at in line with the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We then plan activities to give your child different experiences and regularly observe and monitor developmental progress against the learning outcomes anticipated by the EYFS. We will discuss your child's progress with you regularly and are happy to discuss any questions you have at any time. If we feel a child may benefit from additional support where their development is not progressing in line with their age range expectations we will discuss this with you to see if your observations at home are the same. If a child is ‘behind’ in an age group or ‘ahead’ it does not in itself indicate that your child has special educational needs. If after consultation with you, and you are in agreement, we can seek support and advice from the Early Years Advisory Teacher at West Sussex FIRST (Facilitating Inclusion through Reflection, Support & Training) We will then work in partnership with the FIRST team and indeed any other professionals such as speech and language therapists to ensure your child has total support in their development.

2. How will early years setting staff support my child?

We work in collaboration with you in a home based setting and will get to know your child extremely well. As we are a husband and wife team your child has a choice of individuals to bond with, some are drawn to Alan, some to Alison, and commonly some will happily flit between us. This close bond will help build the self confidence, self esteem, emotional and physical development of your child so they are fully prepared for the next stage of development at primary being confident, inquisitive and happy to learn. We can advise and support you to discuss your child's needs with your Health Visitor, child's pre-school or school.

4. How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

We will discuss with you quite naturally daily, how your child is doing on a general basis. We also keep a daily diary for you to record any questions you may have and pass on other information such as minor ailments and medications and we record such information as sleep, eating and toileting patterns as well as activities experienced. In addition to this daily ‘chatter’ we are collating all the time, observations of experiences and developmental progress that is pulled together on a regular basis to evaluate progress in line with the EYFS. This is collated in your childs Learning Journal which we will share with you at least ‘termly’

We are happy to fit in with any suggestions you may have or suggestions from other professionals working with your child to support your child in being happy and self confident or in addressing any areas of behaviour or development that you may have concerns about.

5. What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?

Working together we provide a warm and welcoming environment which helps your child feel safe and secure. We believe every child is different and we work closely with parents to ensure a sense of belonging ‘home away from home’. We are paediatric first aid trained and experienced in risk assessment and our home and garden is child friendly with a wide array of equipment and toys suitable for all ages. We undertake regular training including safeguarding and welfare issues. We have a suite of policies and parental permission forms so you are kept abreast of all things that relate to your child from nappies and potty training to our bouncy castle!

6. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the early years setting?

We can seek support and advice from third parties such as Early Years Advisory Teacher at West Sussex FIRST (Facilitating Inclusion through Reflection, Support & Training) and Family Information Service for West Sussex. We are members of PACEY, (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years)

7. What training are the staff, supporting children with SEND, had or are having?

We are happy to undertake any reasonable training to support families and children in our care

8. How will my child be included in activities outside the early years setting including trips?

We have an inclusive practice and all children have ample opportunity to play, learn and develop as well as experiencing planned outings appropriate for their developmental stages.

9. How accessible is the early years setting environment? (Indoors and outdoors)

Our home is a modern detached property (2009), the front entrance is completely wheelchair friendly with no step or incline. The garden access is via a typical patio door with a small step down but access can also be made via the drive to the rear gated and enclosed garden which is also wheelchair friendly with flat patio and artificial lawn. The garden gate does have high locks and padlocks fitted but is at the bottom of our drive as opposed to being on a public highway. We have a downstairs cloakroom, playroom, and large kitchen area all of which are wheelchair friendly. We have a separate room on the ground floor which can be used for ground floor sleeping if necessary.

We have play parks and green spaces in close walking proximity to our property and operate two people carriers for trips further afield, however, neither vehicle is fitted with dedicated wheelchair facilities.

10. How will the early years setting prepare and support my child to join the early years setting, transfer to a new setting/school?

We offer settling in periods tailored to the needs of you and your child, for them to begin to become familiar with us, our home and the children here. We are experienced in helping children overcome separation anxiety and can assure you that in most cases any tears have stopped before you are back in your car! When it is time for your child to move on to pre-school/nursery or primary school we will work to share information with them to help facilitate a smooth transition.

11. How are the early years setting’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

We provide funded early years education places for eligible two, three and four year olds.

The resources and activities here are tailored to the encumbent children. Should any specific SEND arise we will discuss this with parents and professionals and look to make reasonable allowances in our budget/seek additional funding from County for resources to help the development of the child where specialist equipment may be required.

12. How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

We will be open and honest about our setting and if it is the right place for your child. If your child is identified as SEND we will do all we reasonably can to support you and your child in their development. We will reasonably comply with the advice and recommendations of the Individual Education Plan (IEP), developed, monitored and regularly reviewed by dedicated specialist professionals should this be the outcome. We are passionate about ensuring continuity of care wherever possible but have to be mindful of the limitations of our site/business and the needs of other children in our care.

13. How are parents involved in the early years setting? How can I be involved?

We firmly believe we offer a childcare setting, sympathetic to and in partnership with you, the parents. We identify that parents are always the primary carer and will always listen to your expectations and plan in partnership how we can continue to respect your wishes/preferences where possible. We have a robust communication system, from daily conversations at drop off and pick up, daily communication diaries, Learning journals and observations and annual feedback/review questionnaires for parents and children. We are always open to ideas and suggestions and always seek ways to improve our setting and the service we provide on balance for all children present.

14. Who can I contact for further information?

You can contact either of us in working hours Mon-Fri and we will be happy to discuss your requirements on 01903 726859. You can find out more information about our service elsewhere on our website (including testimonials) or facebook page.

Other childcare practitioners can be found via West Sussex Family Information Service, the local childrens centre or websites such as, PACEY or Ofsted.

Further information on local offer across the county can be found at WSCC website